Project Management

Project ManagementHASIBAT provides project management services and acts in an advisory capacity regarding project and contract decision making. As the project manager, HASIBAT's services include Scope Management, Cost and Time Management, Resource Management, Contract Management and Administration, and Project Coordination.

HASIBAT assists its clients in the preparation and maintenance of project scope documents. This includes defining the work requirements, identifying and establishing a division of responsibilities, and quantifying the estimated cost and time requirements of the work. The scope is further defined by the planning process which identifies detailed activities and tasks, their relationships and durations, the types and numbers of resources required to perform the activities, and any constraints to performing the work.

Scope management results from on-going comparison of design development, site conditions, and requested issues to the original scope definition. Potential problems and changes to the work are recognized, evaluated, and addressed in a timely manner. If scope changes are determined to be justified, then changes are included in the project. Other potential changes may be unwarranted because they delay completion, reduce quality, or are cost excessive.

HASIBAT performs plan and constructability reviews to assure consistency between design, fabrication, and installation disciplines. These reviews identify errors, conflicts, and omissions. As a result of plan and constructability reviews, future costly field changes are minimized.

HASIBAT prepares a project schedule based on the work scope definition and project responsibilities. The schedule also includes work interfaces and responsibilities impacting all project work. The schedule identifies the critical and near critical paths.

HASIBAT recommends that the schedule activities be resource and budget loaded. A target schedule is established to measure cost and schedule performance and resource utilization. The target schedule is based on priority work requirements and resource availability. The target schedule is used to measure progress and assure schedule and cost committments are being maintained.

The schedule also contains responsibility codes representing project organization breakdown structure (OBS). This OBS provides the capability to select, sort, and provide useful data to parties performing the work.

HASIBAT's project management services for resource management include defining resource requirements, obtaining the committments for resources to meet the requirements, and measuring performance against the committments and requirements. Resource management is applied to all phases of the project.

HASIBAT encourages participation of the persons responsible for development of the plan to perform the work. HASIBAT's project management approach communicates the plan to those having to implement it and provides feedback to make adjustments when necessary.

This approach assures that all resources are identified and that labor resources have a sense of ownership of the activities.

HASIBAT applies the project management process, including contract administration, to all phases of the project: design, procurement, fabrication, installation, and acceptance. HASIBAT assists in reviewing and enhancing contract requirements and language in accordance with project guidelines.

During the performance of the work, HASIBAT assists in contract administration by implementing change control procedures, reviewing progress payment requests, preparing progress and performance reports, and providing coordination. HASIBAT assures that contract requirements are known and understood by the responsible parties and that the work is performed within the agreement.

HASIBAT coordinates activities between the project parties to satisfy the project's requirements and objectives. This coordination begins in the design phase of the project by assuring integration of engineering disciplines.

As the project proceeds from design to procurement, fabrication, installation, and acceptance, HASIBAT provides coordination between vendors and contractors for site consideration such as access and installation sequencing. Potential interferences and problems are identified and resolved during periodic and routine progress coordination meetings.

HASIBAT's expertise is in the implementation of project management processes. HASIBAT has experience in initiating the project management process for companies using the concept for the first time. HASIBAT also has experience in applying the project management process to projects and programs of companies familiar with project management. HASIBAT staff has helped its clients identify stakeholders and task owners in projects and to orientate them to the process. Orientation includes promoting understanding of the process through training and application. HASIBAT's clients have increased their competence in and confidence with the project management process through successful applications.

HASIBAT is experienced in working with and reporting to stakeholders and task owners to meet program and project requirements of time, cost, and quality. HASIBAT's personnel are communicators, team leaders and/or members, and experts in the project management process.

HASIBAT provides its clients with useful and timely information related to project cost, schedule, and resource utilization. One of the first steps to ensuring that information is useful is the development of the project network and identification of the work breakdown structure (WBS) to represent the total work scope. HASIBAT also uses an organizational breakdown structure (OBS). This provides for the identification of task owners and stakeholders to ensure committment of resources, development of budgets, and control of time requirements.

HASIBAT also implements performance measurement to better manage all activities. Performance measurement provides earned value comparisons against a base plan for time performance and against the actual cost for cost performance. Performance measurement also facilitates better control of resources because of potential misuse of available float in some sequential chains.

Project information is selectively extracted from the schedule to provide information useful to the specific task owner and stakeholder. For example, reports and bar charts for any system and/or task owner can be selected and used for preparing weekly work plans and monthly look-ahead schedules.

HASIBAT provides information to all stakeholders for making decisions which affect overall timing and cost of the project. HASIBAT effectively uses the WBS to select pertinent levels of progress, status, and performance reporting for the project manager, his/her peers, department management, and first line supervision.

HASIBAT prepares bi-weekly and monthly reports which address completed planned activities, work on unscheduled activities, and planned work not completed. Problems and recommended solutions are presented and dates for implementation of solutions are identified. Action items are assigned to specific individuals.

HASIBAT coordinates activities between the project stages and disciplines, and between the stakeholders and task owners. This includes conducting meetings, preparing correspondence, and maintaining documentation and records. Issues are identified and evaluated. Recommendations for resolution are prepared and follow-up is provided to ensure proper implementation.

IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing 
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Desktop and Peripherals Provision and Support 
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International and Domestic VPN Services
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Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceData Warehousing, Acquisition and Analysis
Executive Overview:
Discover the power of information through enhanced processes, tools, analytics and measurements
Turn raw data into targeted and meaningful information for better decision making and to drive positive business change
Provide the right people with the right information to drive top- and bottom-line growth
Increase sales 20 to 75 percent and raise gross margin up to 13 percent with better sales information
Save 15 to 40 percent by reducing the number of servers and by building a consistent, integrated data warehouse
Manage your business activities and performance at a glance with analytic dashboards
Achieve return on investment 40 percent faster when using managed data warehouse systems
Organizations using analytic applications realize returns between 17 and 2,000 percent

As a business executive today, you are faced with an overload of raw data within your organization. Managing this volume of data can be overwhelming and, despite the volume, you may find you still cannot access the kind of timely, accurate data you need to support your decision making. Often data you do find is outdated, duplicated or not presented in a meaningful and useful way.
Hasibat Business Intelligence Services takes your architecture, processes, technologies and tools and helps you employ them to decipher your organization’s raw data and to turn this raw data into meaningful, accurate and up-to-date information you can use to help you make better business decisions. With our services, your entire organization becomes more productive and effective by accessing, leveraging and applying market and operational data. We identify the data required and then acquire, cleanse, enhance and transform the data to prepare it for analytics. We then implement and integrate the tools required for data acquisition, data warehousing and analysis. Plus, our consultants help coach you on the use of the tools, and we develop a metadata management system that helps you to understand and employ the right data for decision-making.
Hasibat can manage and operate and host your business intelligence (BI) solution on an ongoing basis. If you’d like to outsource your data warehouse, consider our Data Warehouse on Demand. This capability provides end-to-end business intelligence without typical up-front costs. And it allows you access data warehousing on a “pay as you go” basis – for a single, predictable monthly fee.
Hasibat Business Intelligence Services gives you a best-in-class approach to business intelligence, using leading-edge technology providers.
Our experience in analytics, data preparation, supply management and analysis, together with our in-depth industry experience, ensures that you have the solution to meet the business intelligence needs of your enterprise.
Data acquisition and integration – Provides consistent view of the business, a “single version of the truth”
Data repository – Simplifies data management through a centralized information store
Data delivery – Provides the right information to the right users at the right time via the channel of the user’s choice
Analytics – Provides insight into business activities, processes or customers through reports, analyses and dashboards
Metadata management – Manages data definitions and specifications within the information management environment.
Cost reduction – Uses Agility Alliance partnerships, best practices, reusable templates, and deep skills in the top BI tools to deliver leveraged, flexible technology, leading to quicker implementation


IT SecurityHasibat provides support services for both LAN, IP Telephony, WAN and Network Security Solution.

Network Services
VoIP: 3Com IP Telephony Solution
LAN: 3Com
Wireless: 3Com
Enterprise Network Security:
Identity & Access Management: Safeword
Perimeter Security: TippingPoint IPS, Sidewinder Firewall, FortiNet Firewall
Remote Access (VPN): Sidewinder, FortiNet.
Web Content Filtering: Sidewinder SmartFilter, FortiGuard Web Filtering
Traffic Shaping: Packeteer’s Packet Shaper
Antivirus: Desktops Level: MacAfee; Hardware level: FortiNet, Secure Computing.
AntiSpam: Hardware level: FortiNet, Secure Computing
Mail Security: Secure Computing IronMail, FortiNet FortiMail
End Point Security: FortiClient

International VPN

International VPNInternational VPN
118 VPN connections around the world.
Presence in 27 countries
2 own communications hubs in europe
Host communication services
Type b & rla services
Centralised firewall and security management
Desktop, peripherals management
Telex & ticket printing services
Network performance & monitoring services
24 x 7 help desk - bilingual support
Onsite maintenance services in 27 countries