HIT combines best-of-breed products and technologies with local market industry knowledge and expertise to successfully address its customer‟s strategic business challenges and opportunities.

Security Products
Tipping Point The TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) delivers the most powerful network protection in the world.
Network Gateway Security
Sidewinder Security The most comprehensive security gateway appliance in the world, the Sidewinder® Security Appliance consolidates all major Internet security functions into a single system
Complete Security Fortinet is a leading provider of Unified Threat Management (UTM) network security solutions for enterprise and service provider environments. Secure Messaging FortiMail appliances inspect and clean inbound and outbound email traffic to eliminate security threats while providing complete email routing and archiving.
Juniper Networks Firewall/IPSec VPN
Complete line of firewall/VPN solutions for enterprises and services providers Tightly integrated set of best-in-class security application to protect against worms, Trojan, viruses and other malware.
Check Point
Network Security Check Point Network Security Solutions are the market-leading choice for securing the network infrastructure.
e-DMZ Security – Password Auto Repository (PAR)
The Password Auto-Repository (PAR) provides secure control of administrative accounts. The PAR is a repository where these account passwords are stored until needed, and released only to authorized persons.
McAfee – Products and Solution for Enterprise
McAfee Total Protection Solutions for Enterprise One solution gives you comprehensive system protection and scalable network access control.
McAfee Total Protection for Enterprise—Advanced - Comprehensive security and network access control in one solution McAfee Total Protection for Enterprise - Centrally managed, end-to-end protection in one solution
Polycom Video Conferencing
With Polycom HD telepresence and video solutions, you can: Improve productivity through more regular and effective collaboration Minimize travel, which helps reduce operating costs and environmental impact Meet face-to-face with remote colleagues, partners, and customers, enhancing business relationships
The Proactive Security Intelligence
The FireMon Security Intelligence Platform provides continuous, real-time visibility into network security infrastructure, policy effectiveness and underlying IT risk, allowing organizations to optimize existing defenses, remediate exposed vulnerabilities and prevent today’s multi-staged attacks. Built around a patented intelligence engine and delivered to large organizations worldwide with a broad range of integrated capabilities, the FireMon Security Intelligence Platform is the market’s only truly scalable, comprehensive and context-aware source of real time Network Security Intelligence. Unlike security analysis tools that provide information on historic conditions or events, or assess risks using static threat or vulnerability data, the FireMon Security Intelligence Platform generates predictive analytics that empower today’s IT security teams to proactively address pervasive issues of complexity and change, reducing their overall attack surface. - See more at: http://www.firemon.com/products/overview#sthash.LTJQ0wDM.dpuf Capabilities: · Network Security Infrastructure Device Optimization · Enterprise Network Security Enforcement Analysis · Automated Policy Workflow and Compliance Validation · Predictive Policy and Configuration Change Management · Context-Aware IT Risk Exposure Analysis and Prioritization Recent Malware example - http://www.firemon.com/blog/firewall-management/target-breach-review-stopping-attack-escalation