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Hasibat partnership with Firemon
We are glad to announce that Hasibat has partnered with Firemon – The Proactive Security Intelligence Co.

The FireMon Security Intelligence Platform provides continuous, real-time visibility into network security infrastructure, policy effectiveness and underlying IT risk, allowing organizations to optimize existing defenses, remediate exposed vulnerabilities and prevent today’s multi-staged attacks. Built around a patented intelligence engine and delivered to large organizations worldwide with a broad range of integrated capabilities, the FireMon Security Intelligence Platform is the market’s only truly scalable, comprehensive and context-aware source of real time Network Security Intelligence. Unlike security analysis tools that provide information on historic conditions or events, or assess risks using static threat or vulnerability data, the FireMon Security Intelligence Platform generates predictive analytics that empower today’s IT security teams to proactively address pervasive issues of complexity and change, reducing their overall attack surface.

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