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Hasibat announces the successful roll out of the state-of-the-art data storage solutions for Burgan Bank

HASIBAT has successfully completed the implementation project of the HP storage XP 24000 for Burgan Bank; the robust data recovery solutions that help reduce business risks, thus allowing the constant availability and better manageability of data.

This solution provides disk-based replication and recovery of business application databases, which offers a flexible storage environment suitable for storage consolidation, and can also connect to the non-stop server environment; which is vital to the banking industry.

In line with the aims of Burgan Bank to help its customers receive the highest quality of service, HASIBAT has provided the bank with this new advanced storage solution which is designed to improve application availability with data recovery in minutes. This solution, apart from being extremely cost effective, will help Burgan Bank better manage its data storage to be in compliance with the evolving standards of the regulatory bodies.

“HASIBAT aims to help Burgan Bank achieve its targeted business outcomes through its large portfolio of the latest technology solutions tailored to meet the ongoing needs of the banking sector," added Mazen Ishbib , HASIBAT COO.

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