BANKING INDUSTRIESHasibat is dedicated to helping financial services firms become more competitive through core banking solutions; Internet Banking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence, Information Security Services, Portfolio Management, and Bill Payment and Presentment. At Hasibat, we individualize our offerings, so they can be implemented to strengthen an existing infrastructure or to link all distribution channels across an entire enterprise.


investmentInvestment and finance sectors are most growing sectors worldwide. Managing wealth is a complex affair with investments companies spreading their funds across multiple currencies in multiple finance instruments. IT helps the fund managers have all the information they need in real-time which makes them take instant decisions. Hasibat’s experience in the providing these solutions makes a new company not only get a head start but also excel. The old players need to keep pace with the new developments in technologies to maintain their edge.


retailRetail industry in the GCC is the second most growing industry, next only to the construction industry. Hasibat is well aware of this trend and hence it has in its portfolio a range of hardware and software solutions, be it POS, Warehouse management, website development, eCommerce solutions, etc. Hasibat understand the technology needs of this industry and provides them with future proof technological solutions and keep a foot ahead.


goverment Watching the growing interest and observing the challenges that governments face, many parties have begun claiming to be the authority in and prescribing ways of developing e-government. HASIBAT with its more than 19 years of experience in the Kuwaiti market and other regional markets in its leading edge in providing many different types of consultations.


telecomIT is an integral form of the telecom industry of today, with technologies merging by the day to give a universal communication medium. “Connectivity to all” is the mantra that the telecom pundits are harping about. Hasibat chants the same and is in chorus with the telecom giants of the GCC, by being the technology partners to some of the well known names of the field. Hasibat’s basket has a wide range of goodies that lures the telco giants to it.

Oil & Gas

oilOil & gas is the primary industry of the GCC. Getting full advantage of this precious natural resources through the use of technology is not only on the national agenda, but also doing it with being environmentally conscious is the need of the day. Hasibat has extended it co-operation in this respect, with providing state of the art technological IT solutions that helps this industry get the maximum revenues.


airwaysThe world is getting is shorter by the day with the airlines now connecting virtually all the places across the globe. Not are they getting better, but also faster. The world is now moving towards mandatory e-ticketing which makes it more hassle free for people to fly. Hasibat helps the airlines in this aspect by developing “secure” websites that help people book tickets and pay for them online, securely. Not only that, it provides and helps airlines maintain their infrastructure on a “real-time” basis which is vital for their operations.


health careThe people are Health getting more and more health conscious and the WHO is aiming towards an ‘disease-free world’. Hospitals and other health care agencies are struggling towards achieving this target. Hasibat also contributes in this social cause by empowering the hospitals with state of the art systems help the doctors accurately diagnose the disease and monitors progress of the patients health to ensure speedy recoveries. Hasibat is a socially responsible corporate citizen and works towards helping the health agencies with IT solution to better manage the situation.

cross industry

Cross Industry Solutions

    • Working with many of the top solutions providers in the world, HIT provides customers in a variety of industries with core business solutions that have an immediate, measurable impact on the productivity and performance of functions such as human resources, finance, administration, and customer service. Many of these solutions are complemented and enhanced by our partnerships with leading suppliers of database, groupware, and customer relationship management technologies.